EMCO PC55 Turn

This 6 station turret outputs two control signals. The first signal is the home position signal which tells the system that the first tool is in position. The second signal is the pulse signal, this signal pluses once on each tool change and is used to count tool number position as the turret turns.

Setting up the tool changer

  • Go to F1-Setup screen and open Tool Changer window.
  • From the list select Press enter to open Tool Changer list and select the the EMCO PC55 Turn - 6 Station Turret from the list.

Tool changer logic

On a tool change request, MASSO will make the Tool Changer - Output 1 HIGH to turn the tool changer head clockwise till the desired tool has been loaded in position. Once the tool is in position the Tool Changer - Output 1 becomes LOW.

Input Signals

Wire the sensor inputs and assign to MASSO as below:

  • Tool Changer - Input 1 for Turret home signal.
  • Tool Changer - Input 2 for Tool change pulse signal.

Output Signals

Wire the turrets control electronics CW signals on any free output on MASSO and in the OUTPUTS list assign it to Tool Changer - Output 1.

Tool Numbering