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Dry Run Laser Pointer

  • Tool 0
  • The laser pointer tool is used to provide a reference point to zero your X & Y axis.
  • Selecting a point on your stock and zeroing your X & Y coordinates will automatically transfer them to the other spindles on your machine.
  • The Dry Run laser pointer can be used to do a dry run of your machined part to ensure that it will fit on your stock.
  • While performing a Dry run of your Gcode file it will ignore Coolant on / off Gcodes as well as tool changes and changes in Z axis height.
  • A TTL output can be assigned to turn the laser pointer on and off and will automatically turn on when the Laser pointer is selected. This can be done using a MASSO relay module if needed.

Laser pointer Output

Multi-Head Settings

The Dry Run Laser pointer

Connection and configuration

Example wiring diagram

Using the Dry Run Laser Pointer