MASSO Documentation

MASSO Optical Encoder

MASSO contactless optical quadrature encoders are based on a non-mechanical design. By not having any moving parts, the sensors have very high accuracy and very low failure rate. The encoders can be easily mounted in front of your Lathe’s spindle pulley to provide full quadrature encoder signals for multi pass threading.

  • High accuracy with no moving parts.
  • Easy to mount with no pulley or timing belts required.
  • Wide working voltage range 12 to 24VDC.
  • Easy mounting using M3 screws.

CAUTION: Output signals are 0v for LOW signal and 10v for HIGH signal.

Generate Encoder Disk Label

Simply click the below "Generate Encoder Disk" link to quickly generate the encoder disk label by entering the pulley Outer Diameter (OD) and Inner Diameter (ID).

Mechanical Dimensions

Installing and Wiring

CAUTION: Connecting the power polarity in reverse will damage the sensor.

MASSO Spindle Encoder