Press F3 to goto “F3 – Jog/Rapid” screen.

Jogging allows only one axis to move at a time in all jogging methods.

There are 4 methods available to the user for Jogging around the table

  1. Keyboard
  2. MPG
  3. Touch screen jog keys
  4. External Jog inputs

Jogging speed is determined buy the Jog feed rate setting in the F3 screen and affects all jogging methods except for the MPG Pendant which is controlled by the speed at which the MPG is turned.


MASSO Pendant

The user can select which of the 5 axis they wish to move by using the axis selection knob on the pendant

The resolution can be selected by using the resolution selection knob on the Pendant

The resolution selected will depend on whether the user is using Metric or imperial and can be seen in the table below.

The Jog resolution increments are fixed and cannot be change by the user

Speed of movement is determined by the speed of the MPG rotation and can be used for single steps as well as continuous motion.

Touch screen jog Keys

These can be used with a touch screen or with a mouse.

The user can determine between Step mode and Continuous mode.

In step mode the axis will make a single step determined by selected step size selected as shown by the Green indicatior.

In continuous mode the axis will move until the button is released at the rate specified by the Feed Rate slider.

External Jog inputs

  • Jog/Rapid A+ & A- Inputs
  • Jog/Rapid B+ & B- Inputs
  • Jog/Rapid X+ & X- Inputs
  • Jog/Rapid Y+ & Y- Inputs
  • Jog/Rapid Z+ & Z- Inputs
  • Jog/Rapid Mode Input  (This input changes the jog/rapid axis inputs above from single step to continuous mode while the input is high.)

Rapid jog is the same as continuous jog. If using an external momentary push button the rapid jog mode input would need to be held down for continuous rapid jogging and when released jogging will return to single step mode.

When a Jog input is pressed the selected will move a single input.

If the Rapid Jog input is pressed as well the axis will move at rapid / continuous speed as determined by the rate specified by the Feed Rate slider in the F3 screen

The single step distance for an axis is determined by selected step size selected in the F3 screen as shown by the Green indicator.

All jog increments are fixed and cannot be changed.

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