MASSO Documentation

Loading Software to MASSO-G3

Regular updates are released to add more features to the units. Custom software's are also released for special client requirements. The software up-gradation process can be easily performed on site by following the instructions below:

Information: Avoid using unbranded USB Flash drives as these are known to give issues with software install and upgrades

Information: It is advisable to make a backup of your settings before upgrading your software.

Summary of install and upgrade process 

  • Ensure your Flash drive is formatted to Fat32
  • Create a folder called MASSO on the flash drive and copy the software file emailed to you into this folder.
  • On powering Masso immediately press the F1 key repeatedly until the Masso software load screen appears. If the software load screen does not appear re-power Masso and start again.
  • Select the desired software from the list in the software load screen using the up/down arrow keys and press the enter key on your keyboard.
  • After the software has finished loading press the ESC key and your Masso will restart with your new software.