Adding New Tool Changers

If your tool changer is not currently compatible with the MASSO controller, you can request to have its logic integrated into the MASSO system. 

If the tool changer is a widely-used model, integration may be completed at no additional cost. However, if the tool changer employs a unique or uncommon logic, it will be subject to review to determine whether integration is feasible. Additional charges may apply for the implementation of specialized logic.

To initiate the process of adding your machine's tool changer logic, please email the following information to MASSO Support:

  1. Name and model of the machine
  2. Photos and video links showcasing the machine's tool-changing process
  3. A PDF document that includes:
  4. A list of all input signals
  5. A list of all output signals
  6. A flow diagram detailing the tool changer logic, clearly indicating input signals, output signals, and workflow.

INFORMATION: All documents sent must the in PDF format else the emails will not be processed.